Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 days, 20 hours, and counting.

Talk about busy! It's now less than 5 days to my flight, and am I finished packing? No. Am I stressed? Not at all. At least not about the packing.

It's also less than 18 hours until the movers come and move our stuff. Ask me if I am a little worried about that? Yes, indeed. I know that everything is going to be fine come this time tomorrow. The movers will be here between 8 and 10 tomorrow morning (they are coming from Fairburn, Georgia). Right now, our living room looks like we've decided to use it as a semi functional storage room. If putting things in the living room was a game of Tetris, I failed! I have all these rows with one block missing here and there.

The representative from the moving company, Joe, was very nice, and took care of everything in counting of boxes and stuff. I doubt he'll be the actual mover. Movers don't typically drive a shiney new Lexus.

I am nervous, of course, because each step we take towards Sunday, the more real it becomes. I went up to Holsenbeck Elmentary School to sign the forms to withdrawl the boys from school. I already gave notice at Sikes Rockinghorse Ranch (where Elizabeth goes to school). I totally forgot about Elizabeth's helmet there until now, so I am not sure where it is going to go. I won't have time to run up there and get it tomorrow, so oh well. It can't be helped at this point.

After I put the boys on the bus tomorrow, I will move my suitcases into the laundry room and count that area as off limits for the move. I will probably put the cleaning supplies in the bath tub and then tell the movers that stuff is no-go.

I will tag things with sticky notes for first move/second move. That way the first shipment (the unaccompanied baggage) will be there before October 30th, and the rest will come along by November 23rd. By December 1st, I want to be 100% settled in to my appartemtent. 1308. I look forward to it.

I guess, despite the mess, it still feels a little surreal. I almost expect at any point for someone to call me and tell me it was all a mistake, they're sorry, I'm not going. I doubt it. After all, nearly $3800 has been paid for the tickets, the house is about to be broken down and moved tomorrow.

Maybe this is my mind's way of 'shielding' me from too much stress. I'm only getting tidbits of stress fed to me, a little at a time, instead of being washed over me.

I think the kids are very excited. I keep hearing random cheers of "Kree-uh!" from Elizabeth, whispered discussions between the boys about things they want to do. There's talks of tours and visits to the palaces, museums, and really embracing the culture. There's concern from the kids that they've not learned how to use chopsticks yet.

For now, though, dinner will still need to be figured out. Not sure what we'll be having, but come tomorrow... there won't be any choice. It'll have to be 'out to eat'.

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