Friday, September 18, 2009

Two days, Three hours...

So, here I am on the very last Friday in the United States. My kids are all off to their last day of state-side school for the next three years and I know that they are excited. How could they not be?! We're moving to an entirely different country for three years.

It will be 2012 (well, 2012.5, since we'll be there until half-way through 2012) before we return. Don't let anyone fool you, there is NO way we'll be coming back to the states to visit. The cost alone is a deterrent. Bits and pieces of our family says that they'll come and visit, but we'll see (and no, if they don't, we won't hold it against them). Cost is a deterrent.

Our tickets (the kids and myself) came out to 753.10 per person. That is non-stop, one way on Delta (Korean Air). I can't expect friends and family to fork over that kind of money to come and see us. Everyone will have to live vicariously through this (and other) blog, pictures, and emails.

The issue with our crates seems to be resolved (supposedly). Their management there at Coleman America (the moving company) ended up having to re-issue seals with different numbers. These seals do not have my signature on them, but supposedly it won't make a difference. I hope not.

I have plenty to do today. My father's coming to retrieve our washer and dryer, as well as my vacuum and carpet cleaner, and my treadmill. I have a load of laundry in the dryer to fold and pack, and I have some scattered clothing behind the dryer I want to retrieve (and hopefully throw away!).

I have several things to do, so I shall go.

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